History of the School


The school was started in the year 1999 the founder being the Seventh – day Adventist church Bamburi Great News. The institution was headed by Ruth Safan. During that time they started with a population of about 20 pupils under wooden classroom. The school started growing from then. Some other notable Head teachers include:

2002 – 2002 NELLY MBINJI

2003 – 2003 JOSHUA NYAATA

2004 – 2005 SARAH KASYOKA

2006 – 2008 MERCY AUMA


2009 – 2011 JAMES MWATHI

2012 – 2012 GILBERT MOGERE

2013 – 2013 NANCY NALIAKA



   The school began with the population of 20 pupils and has gradually increased over time. The total population has risen to 235.                                                                                                       

The school sat for KENYA NATIONAL EXAMINATION (K.C.P.E) for the first time in the year 2010and got a mean grade of 292

Throughout its history the school has maintained a commitment to providing education of the highest caliber of a holistic education to the young ones.

The school is guided by a set of core values that forms four pillars of the school namely;

Exemplary discipline.

Academic Excellence.

Leadership and voluntary services.

Christian virtues and Morals.

History cannot forget many people who played a significant role in the running of the school such as Pastor Goddard who donated the school compound where the classes are built. The board members of the school have also tirelessly dedicated their time towards the management of the school. There are several desks and library books which were donated by Brigitte, Raymond Kluge and the Honour church in Germany.

Apart from these individuals, the church and the parent teachers association (P.T.A), also contributed monies for the capital development. The P.T.A chairman is Mr. .Asabu and school board chairman is Mr. Antony Omondi.




These are dedicated, qualified, competent and high academic standards.

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